Journal Rebranding Campaign
January 2017 - Mark 2017 | Carnegie Mellon University
In collaboration with Noah Johnson, Kelly Li, KelliLaurel Mijares and Kyle Wing

Critical Question:
What is the process of reimagining the identity of a non-traditional architecture journal?

inter·view, an inter·punct journal publication that I co-edited, co-designed and helped launch.


As the editor-in-chief for the architecture journal inter·punct, I led a rebranding campaign to address three pressing priorities:

Urban flooding due to climate change.
Attract a wider array of readership.
Host a launch party for our annual publication.


Seeking input from our members, I asked them:


Surprised by our aligned visions, our editorial team established two agenda items as we begin the project:

1. Reposition ourselves as a platform for free exchange of ideas.
2. Develop a new, dynamic and provocative brand to bolster presence.

I held on to these words in iterating through our logo design options:


We chose those designs collectively to adapt to different platforms. Replacing our black and white identity with the CMYK color scheme, we made the brand more vibrant to convey our aspiration as a dynamic journal.

Promotional Posters: Designed in collaboration with Noah Johnson.

Another challenge was to establish our digital presence. I worked collaboratively with other editors to translate our identity onto a responsive website.

Website Wireframe: Developed in collaboration with Kyle Wing.

We also screen printed merchandise for our launch party to raise funds for the next publication.

Custom screen-print T-shirt and Tote Bag: Designed in collaboration with Kyle Wing.


Our rebranding efforts culminated in the launch party for our latest publication. Through a new visual identity and various merchandise, we bolstered our presence in the school community and even attracted visitors from other departments!

Launch Party: Almost 100 students and faculty attended our event!
Drawing: Developed in collaboration with KelliLaurel Mijares.